The supply chain management degree at UNI ties real-world application training into the curriculum.

Supply chain management is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing professions. To keep up with demand, UNIBusiness has structured a program that marries modern application training with award-winning academics.

Supply chain management courses and electives

  • Supply Chain and Purchasing

  • Distribution and Logistics

  • Global Strategic Supply Management

  • Supply Chain Modeling and Analytics

  • Managerial Problem Solving

  • Six Sigma and Lean Consulting

  • Methodology

  • Project Management

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Dynamics of Negotiation

  • Location Analysis for Business

  • Applied Writing: Technical

  • Communication

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Six Sigma certification is the perfect complement to a supply chain management degree.

It is a set of management tools designed to improve business processes, with the goals of reducing process variation, improving quality, eliminating waste, improving speed and efficiency and saving time.

Every other year, supply chain management students have the opportunity to participate in a UNIBusiness study abroad program to earn Six Sigma certification. The program begins with on-campus classes during the spring semester. It concludes with a Six Sigma Green Belt pre-certification exam before jumping the pond to Ireland or Italy for a six-week unpaid internship. It is the epitome of internship experiences for supply chain management students. Not interested in Six Sigma or Ireland?  Check out the Italy Service Operations Management Program based in Rome and Sorrento in years which Six Sigma is not offered.

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