Economics is about people.

Economics is everywhere. Communities, businesses, nations and individuals make economic decisions everyday that shape the world of tomorrow. Economists are expected to understand these decisions, the incentives behind them and the impact they will have. To do this, many economists conduct research, perform data analysis and publish their findings.

Wilson Business primarily teaches you two things: how to see actions from the unique perspective a professional economist uses, and how to ask the right questions. Does athletic success significantly influence alumni donations? What impact have government policies had on rural poverty in Cambodia? These were questions asked by recent Wilson Business students in our Undergraduate Research Program. In this program, they were provided funding to get research experience in the topics of their choosing and to present their findings around the country. 



for economics

Our economics graduates are prepared to meet the growing demand for economic and analytical skills (2020).

develop analytical reasoning

Develop your
analytical reasoning

Employers are looking for professionals that know how to interpret data and make logical conclusions. 


Median Economist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021). This field is only expected to grow in the future. 

We have a proven record 

Our graduates are ready for what comes next

Many of our economics graduates go on to use the analytical reasoning, critical thinking and writing skills gained from Wilson's economics program to succeed in graduate school. The students move on to law school or various public and health administration graduate programs. With economics, the possibilities are limitless.