Leading the way in economics

Our faculty have diverse expertise within the field of economics, from international trade to central banking. Their research within the discipline creates new insights and observations.

Iman Alam Imam M. Alam

International Trade, Economic Growth, Stock Market, Applied Econometrics

Shahina Amin Shahina Amin

Labor and Development Economics -- issues regarding child labor in developing countries, issues regarding employment of women, and youth employment. Economics of the family.

Lisa Jepsen Lisa Jepsen

Lisa researches in the areas of economic demography, labor economics, and law and economics. One focus of her research is on same-sex couples and the relationship between wages and sexual orientation. She has a recent article forthcoming in the Review of Economics of the Household with Christopher Jepsen entitled "Self-Employment, Earnings, and Sexual Orientation." She is currently studying the relationship between race and earnings in the NFL.

Bryce Kanago Bryce Kanago

Macroeconomics and monetary economics especially in the areas of inflation and the business cycle.

Chris Lukasiewicz Chris Lukasiewicz

Data Analysis, Consulting, Problem Solving Techniques.

Alicia Rosburg Alicia Rosburg

Alicia Rosburg researches in the areas of energy economics, agricultural economics, and intergenerational mobility. The primary focus of her research has been on the economics of second generation biofuels. 

Ryan Rudderham Ryan Rudderham

Macroeconomics, Macro-labor, Game Theory, International Finance

Sharmistha Self Sharmistha (Shar) Self

Economic Development, Economics of Health, Education, and Welfare, Gender Economics, Asian Economics, Agricultural Economics

David Surdam David Surdam

Economics of professional sports leagues. Economics of the American Civil War. History of Business Ethics.