Economics Minor

What can you do with an economics background?

Adding an Economics minor to any other discipline enhances your education and builds a stronger foundation for advancement in your career. From accounting to biology, marketing to history, human resources to health sciences, adding an economics minor further enhances your problem solving, data analysis, and critical thinking skills. These high-demand skills ensure you are better able to make decisions and set you apart from the competition no matter your chosen field of study.

Economics often involves topics like wealth, finance, recessions and banking, leading to the misconception that economics is all about money and the stock market. Actually, it’s about people! What factors decrease healthcare disparities? How will an aging population affect life in the coming decades? How do consumers make choices? An economics education helps you understand historical trends, interpret today’s headlines and make predictions for the coming years.

Economists analyzing data


Our economics graduates are prepared to meet the growing demand for economic and analytical skills (2020).

Data analysis is a in demand skill

Top 10 Skill

A study of job postings in the Des Moines area (2019-2021) for the skills requested revealed Data Analysis in the Top 10. (STAMATS)


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Economics Minor


Careers for graduates with a strong economics background:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of economists is projected to grow 14 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. Much of that demand is focused on the strong analytical skills that these graduates bring to the table. An economics minor allows you to do the same. Below are some occupations that graduates with strong analytical skills from a wide range of disciplines are found:

  • Research Analyst 
  • Benefits & Compensation Analyst
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Social Media Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Energy Analyst
  • Media Buyer
  • Business Analyst
  • International Tax Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Underwriter
  • Chief Financial Officer

Economics Courses

An Economics minor gives you a solid understanding and experience in economic theories and practices along with great flexibility to determine the courses that will best serve your career goals. Economics minors can complete coursework in the following areas:

  • Intermediate Macroeconomics Theory
  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
  • Introduction to Econometrics
  • Money and Banking
  • Public Finance
  • Environmental Economics
  • Economics of Labor Markets
  • International Economics
  • Law & Economics
  • Sports Economics
  • Economic Development
  • Health Economics
  • Economics of Social Issues
  • Economics of Sustainability
  • Economics & Business Forecasting