Anyone can be an effective leader. Really.

The Management Department at UNIBusiness covers a wide variety of disciplines.​


Business Administration 

Successfully managing a company requires an understanding of all aspects of business from accounting and finance to marketing and supply chain. In the Business Administration emphasis, you will take core classes covering every major part of a business. Then you will choose from a variety of electives to arm yourself with the knowledge you want the most. It is the most flexible of the management emphases allowing you to create a program that conforms to your scholastic and long-term carer goals.


Business Teaching

Chances are good the reason you are looking at UNIBusiness is because of great, influential teachers sparking a passion in you for business. With the business teaching curriculum, you will have the opportunity to make that same impact on the executives of tomorrow and to help mold them into what it takes to be successful. The accredited UNIBusiness and the established UNI College of Education come together in this major to find business educator's willing to help students reach their goals!   


Human Resource Management

Organization's can only be as great as the people working for them. In the Human Resource Management emphasis, you will learn how to serve as the hub of any organization by recruiting, setting up payment plans, training, developing and maintaining a safe work environment. Our curriculum meets the standards set by the Society for Human Resources Management, the world's largest Human Resources professional society, so you are prepared to make an impact on day one. 


Management Information Systems

As businesses become increasingly technology-focused in order to remain competitive, miscommunication has become a larger issue between the traditional departments like Accounting, Finance and Marketing and Information Technology (IT). Management Information Systems (MIS) seeks to solve this issue by teaching its students both sides of divide. In the MIS curriculum, you will learn both technical and organizational skills and apply them to real-world situations to figure out how technology can be used to achieve business goals.


Organizational Leadership

What's the difference between Organizational Leadership and Business Administration? The Organizational Leadership emphasis is more structured in its classes and focused around managerial soft skills. In this emphasis, you will take the same core classes as the Business Administration emphasis and then split off into topics like decision making and persuasion. With this emphasis, you will have the subjects and professionalism to excel as a leader in any organization.


Supply Chain Management

Our world is more interconnected and globalized than ever. Just to make an iPhone requires more than 200 suppliers from over 26 different countries working together. To make this happen requires a team of dedicated supply chain professionals with a broad skill set working at every level of the business. Interpersonal purchasers, analytical logisticians, operations managers and so many more keep the cogs of the business machine running. Supply chain has a place for everyone!

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