We understand the trends in management and leadership. 

Our faculty have diverse expertise within the management profession, from managing supply chains to IT project management. Their research within the discipline creates new insights and observations.

Andy Anderson Andy (John) Anderson

Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment; International Supply Chain Management; Facility Location Choice; Chinese MNE Innovation Capabilities

Tori Austin Headshot Tori Austin

Communication Theory, Leadership, Models of Instructional Design

Nick Bailey Nick Bailey

Corporate Political Strategy, Experimental Methods, FDI Location Choice, MNE-Host Government Relations

Saif Bhuiyan Saif Bhuiyan

IT project management, Open source development, ERP

Dan Bumblauskas Daniel Bumblauskas

Operations and supply chain management, demand chain management, maintenance modeling, higher education, brewery sustainability & SCM, and big data and predictive analytics.

Jade Chu Yu (Jade) Chu

Supply chain management, buyer-supplier relationships, supply chain disruptions, supply chain transparency, sustainability.

Mary Connerley Mary Connerley

Diversity; Recruitment; Leadership

Russell Guay Russell Guay

Leadership, Fit, Personality, Work Attitudes, Job Performance

Shashidhar Kaparthi Shashidhar Kaparthi

Decision Support Systems, Internet Technologies, Bibliometric Analyses, Neural network models and applications in management.

Arti Mann Arti Mann

Theoretical and empirical research in IS and IT outsourcing; cloud computing; and use of theory and spatial analysis and econometrics techniques from regional economics and geography

Jim Mattingly James Mattingly

Organization Culture, Stakeholder Management, Corporate Social Action

Atul Mitra Atul Mitra

Current research interests include psychophysical analysis of compensation issues, meaning of pay, skill-based systems, international compensation analysis, and cross-cultural issues in organizational behavior.

Sarah Rosol Sarah Rosol

Organizational trust. Cross-cultural studies. Burnout. Unemployment.

Roberta Roth Roberta Roth

Teaching programming via the Web.

Leslie Wilson Leslie K. Wilson

Improved productivity in analysis, design, and development. Application of expert systems in manufacturing. Supply chain productivity enhancements. Teaching pedagogy in information systems. Management issues in virtual worlds.