Real Estate Minor

Iowa's premier four-year real estate education program

As a complement to any of the UNI Business majors, UNI’s Real Estate minor will enhance your employment opportunities. This minor will prepare you for exciting and challenging careers in commercial and residential real estate, mortgage underwriting, asset management, brokerage and appraisal to name a few. You may help make decisions involving tens of millions of dollars on a commercial building or a mortgage, or help a family find their dream home.

The real estate industry brings together professionals who thrive in a competitive work environment. No day is ever the same. If you are a hard-working person with solid analytical skills and a strong desire for success, real estate is the career for you!

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Our real estate graduates are prepared to meet the growing demand for real estate professionals (2020).

Fast-paced work

and Fast-Paced Work

No day is ever the same for real estate professionals.


Iowa's Premier real estate program


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Real Estate Minor


How we do real estate at UNI Business

The UNI Real Estate program prepares graduates for a wide variety of careers involving virtually every aspect of real estate, from mortgage underwriting and credit analysis to asset and property management, appraisal and valuation, commercial and residential brokerage. Good business sense and an understanding of markets are important for success in real estate. Therefore, learning how to make intelligent decisions is an important aspect of your real estate education. As the only program of its kind in Iowa, the real estate program has strong ties to the real estate industry. Learn how the program's business connections have opened doors for Real Estate majors.

Join over 800 real estate alumni nationwide who currently work in real estate.

Good business sense and an understanding of the markets are necessary to succeed in real estate. Just as is important is learning how to establish positive relationships so you are trusted to make intelligent decisions for your clients. This combination is what makes the real estate major at UNI so unique. We will teach you the business side of real estate and give you the skills to succeed.


Real Estate Careers

A career in commercial real estate involves the valuation and analysis, management, acquisition and disposition or loan servicing of office buildings, shopping malls, apartment complexes or any property that is used to generate a profit.

  • Commercial Asset Manager
  • Commercial Lender
  • Commercial Loan Servicer
  • Commercial Appraiser
  • Commercial Sales Broker
  • Agricultural Land Broker


  • Commercial Asset Manager
  • Commercial Lender
  • Commercial Loan Servicer
  • Commercial Appraiser
  • Commercial Sales Broker
  • Agricultural Land Broker

Residential real estate involves personal use of property and includes the buying, selling and loan servicing of single family homes, condominiums and acreages.

  • Abstractor
  • Appraiser
  • Association Manager
  • Closing and Escrow Agent
  • Mortgage Lender
  • Mortgage Servicer
  • Property Manager
  • Residential Broker


Real Estate Courses

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality education, create real estate career opportunities and meet the needs of the industry through a unique and hands-on commercial and residential real estate education. With classes like Real Estate Appraisal and Investment and Real Estate Finance, you'll learn how to advise, manage and invest in real estate for a successful career.

Courses in Real Estate include:

  • Principles of Real Estate
  • Legal and Social Environment of Business
  • Real Estate Law and Brokerage
  • Real Estate Appraisal and Investment
  • Real Estate Finance