Business Ethics

Fostering awareness, discussion and debate about ethical practices in business.

Businesses can be a force of great good and harm. Now, with the rise of the global economy, companies' role in greater society is questioned. Should businesses seek to maximize profit or take the lead in solving the world's environmental and societal problems? Therefore, education in handling ethical issues is a critical part of any business degree. Explore how the David W. Wilson Chair of Business Ethics makes UNI Business one of Iowa's prominent authorities in business ethics.

Schedule of Upcoming Ethics Events:

  • Ethics Case Competition - February 20-21 (teams of 5 students; please see the attached information sheet for information about teams, sign-up, prize money, etc as $5,000 will be awarded; deadline to register is February 6th)


  • Ethics Movie Night and Discussion - Tuesday, March 21 - 5:30-8:00pm - The Social Network - CBB 109


  • BaFa BaFa Cultural Simulation with Dr. Nick Bailey - Monday, March 27 - 6:00-8:00pm - CBB 225


Coming Next Semester:


Interested in Earning the Ethics Badge? Here are the required steps.

  • Electronically sign the Student Code of Ethics
  • Participate in the Ethics Case Competition
  • Attend at least two of the following events: Business Community Ethics Speaker Panel, Ethics Movie Night, and BaFa BaFa Cultural Simulation

Ethics Badge


Ethics Mission Statement:

Our business ethics mission is to develop not only ethical student leaders but also future life-long business leaders via program development, faculty support, business community involvement, and student engagement.

Fill out the form below to electronically sign the code of ethics pledge.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics Pledge


The following business students vow to make decision in business and in life with honesty and ethical integrity

‌Heidi Bantz

Kanner Bauer

Jenna Beck

Cassidy Bohr

Gracee Brooks

Colby Brown

Katie Clark

Zachary De Vries

Jacob Eberle

Bailey Fah

Amanda Fowler

Mason Fritz

Bryce Greer

McKenzie Hageman

Kara Harris

Lindy Harris

Lizzie Herzmann

Macy Hoeger

Nolan Holdgrafer



Kaylen Johnson

Megan Kopp

Jaycee Knight

Derek Koppes

Lillie Kramer

Kaitlyn Lee

‌Allie Mackey

Megan McDonald

Holly Mescher

Ryan Meyers

Jesina Minger

Will Mitchell‌

Isabelle Navarra

Jadyn Nelson

Eve Oromo

Taylor Pameticky

Dhruv Patel

Annika Patton

Maddie Peterson



Tristen Prouse

Skyler Ramsey

Tracer Rankin

Allison Rottinghaus

Kacie Royster

Skylar Rueter

Emily Schmidt

Caleb Shumaker

Macey Spilman

Savannah Stalzer

Emma Terpstra

Nicole Thies

Aleah Vaske

Sarah Vogelbacher

Paige Walker

Paige Wolf

Kaylee Wurth

Raquel Zehr

Courtney Zwart


Faculty and Staff Ethics Interview Series

Episode 1: September 20, 2021 with Dr. Dale Cyphert


Episode 3: September 29, 2021 with Dr. Saif Bhuiyan


Episode 5: October 11, 2021 with Dr. Matthew Bunker


Episode 7: October 18, 2021 with Dr. Alicia Rosburg


Episode 9: October 20, 2021 with Drew Kahler


Episode 11: October 22, 2021 with Marty Hansen


Episode 13: October 27, 2021 with Dr. Brett Olsen


Episode 15: November 10, 2021 with Drew Conrad


Episode 2: September 27, 2021 with Dr. Dan Bumblauskas


Episode 4: October 11, 2021 with Kirsten Juhl


Episode 6: October 15, 2021 with Paul Kinghorn


Episode 8: October 18, 2021 with Chris Schrage


Episode 10: October 22, 2021 with Jay Schmitz


Episode 12: October 25, 2021 with Jenny Connolly


Episode 14: November 8, 2021 with Dr. Craig Van Sandt



Ethics Interview Transcript with Dr. Jim Mattingly