Direct Admission

Top performers get Direct Admission to the College of Business

You stand out from the crowd. You push yourself. You are inquisitive. And we've noticed.

As a top performer, you recognize that college will provide many opportunities to grow, lead, excel and have some fun! You've proven yourself, and your outstanding credentials qualify you for Direct Admission to the College of Business. Congratulations!

Now, our UNI Business Scholar Academy faculty want YOU, because you are ready to excel in our high-quality business programs and provide leadership during your time at UNI.

What is Direct Admission? 

Students with a solid academic record in high school can qualify for direct admission to the College of Business. High school achievers have shown they are ready to excel in the college classroom. So, for those who qualify, we waive the typical college GPA requirements to become fully admitted to the College of Business before taking even the first college class.  

In addition, direct admission students qualify for Scholar Academy. Scholar Academy provides a head start for moving achievers into key student leadership roles throughout the college, a role that helps business graduates further distinguish themselves from the competition.


Why should you join the UNI Business Scholar Academy?

Students who join our Scholar Academy have some great opportunities available to them, including: 

  • Unique, one-credit elective topics course(s) designed to build your toolbox for career success and advancement
  • Special Scholar Academy events throughout the semester where you can network and connect with other achievers such as yourself
  • An opportunity to earn a UNI Business Scholar Academy Badge, a digital recognition that signals to employers your achievement


What about scholarships?

Those who qualify for Direct Admission and the UNI Business Scholar Academy, may also be eligible to receive various University and UNI business college scholarships. 


Who qualifies for Direct Admission?

You are a first-year college student who wants to pursue a business degree, and are admitted to the university, and meet the following criteria: 

You have a high school GPA of 3.85, or

High school GPA of 3.5 and 25 or higher on the ACT (SAT 1200 or higher).


Do international students qualify?



How do you get started?

Apply to UNI. We will automatically review your application to determine if you're eligible for Direct Admission and the UNI Business Scholar Academy. You will be notified by the business college dean of your acceptance. Watch for that important letter.

When you attend the University orientation to schedule your first-semester classes, join the Business Scholar Academy by enrolling in one of the special course opportunities just for you!


Want to know more?

Contact Elisabeth Soliz for more information.