Give Back

It takes more than money!

You can help our students get ready for business beyond providing financial resources. Engaging with students though our mentoring programs helps put them on the road to success. And, at no cost to you, you can give every time you fly! Help us help students!

business student at UNI

Make an impact today!

Your time and experience are valuable resources.

Your personal connection to a student can impact their future. Consider being a mentor in our Professional Readiness Program®. Mentoring is the perfect way to give back to your alma mater and help develop the next generation of business professionals. Your time with students helps develop their confidence and increases their likelihood of success.

Why become a UNI Business mentor?


Many UNI Business alumni are successful mentors in our Professional Development Program. Mentoring is the perfect way to give back to your alma mater while polishing your leadership skills. The time spent with students will help develop their confidence and increase their likelihood of success.

When you volunteer as a Professional Readiness Program mentor, you will not only impact the success of a student, you can impact your own success in the process.

  • Learn about their generation

Today's students are different because their world is different. They never knew life without a cell phone or the internet. They are digital natives. This gives our students unique perspectives from which you can learn.

  • Find an employee

As an employer, you are always looking for great employees. Through a mentorship, you can learn more about the strengths of a student and potentially match that student to the needs of your organization.

  • ‌Enhance your leadership skills

Your interaction with students helps them become more experienced in business communication. In turn, this helps you to polish your leadership and communication skills.

  • Mold the next business mogul

The success of our students is directly tied to the personal interaction they receive from faculty, staff and alumni. Your engagement in their education will give them an experience that is not offered in many business schools.

If you are interested in joining our team of mentors, please contact Elisabeth Soliz by email or phone 319-273-2144.  

‌Become a Mentor

Give Every Time You Fly

At no cost to you, support an international experience.

For the state of Iowa, economic success and growth means being competitive at a global level -- and having the employees who can help make that happen. An international experience provides great insight as to what it takes to be globally successful. You can help by joining a program that matches your personal frequent flyer miles and contributes those to UNI Business! 


Airlines Match Your Points for Student Travel 

UNI Business Points Plus program allows you to contribute toward our goal of helping students gain this professional edge, without any cost to you.

Each time you fly, you can earn miles for UNI Business students — without losing your miles! All you need to do is provide the UNI Business account number, in addition to your own frequent flier number, whenever you book a flight with American and United airlines. Just a small step to take to have a positive, lasting impact on students' education!

‌It's Easy to Join!

For reservations through an agent, simply provide the UNI Business student travel account number to your agent.

For online reservations, follow the airline's instructions to enter the UNI Business student travel account number in the appropriate section.

Consider updating your frequent flier account profile for each airline you travel with so it includes the UNI Business student travel account number. This will ensure that all your future travel is credited to UNI Business Points Plus, and you never have to give it a second thought.

UNI Business student travel account numbers:

  • American: Business ExtrAA 831039
  • United: RewardOne B3355

We do not have access to your personal account. The numbers are added to the college’s account and points are matched every time you fly. Feel free to add any family member or colleague to the UNI Business Points Plus program. 

Any questions concerning the program may be directed to Chris Schrage by email or phone 319-273-2126.