David W. Wilson Chair of Business Ethics

The David W. Wilson Chair of Business Ethics discusses how the moral and ethical beliefs of every business guides the values, decisions and behavior of the individuals within it.

Ethics in business are constantly debated and discussed, now more than ever. They can be hard to understand, especially in a constantly changing and innovative business world.

UNI Business strives to foster an environment ensuring that faculty, students, and the community are aware and discuss ethical business practices. The David W. Wilson Chair of Business Ethics is a position within UNI Business focused solely on these goals.

Craig VanSandt leads a discussion

Founding of the Chair of Business Ethics

Created with a donation from David W. Wilson, a 1970 UNI graduate and president and owner of one of the largest privately owned automotive groups in the country, the chair seats one of the foremost experts in the college on business ethics. The holder of the chair attempts to educate students in the classroom and beyond about ethics and serves as a resource and authority on the topic for the community.

The current holder of the chair and professor of management, Russell Guay, has been in the position since July 2021. He regularly discusses ethical issues facing business and society through his LinkedIn account. His ethics approach is intended to engage business, HR, academia, and non-profit leaders to think seriously about where the business world and society are headed, the potential ramifications of our current actions, and how we can best shape our futures