Sales Resources for Students

The Center for Professional Sales Excellence at the University of Northern Iowa has various resources available to students. These resources will help those participating develop their sales skills and knowledge through training and hands-on experience. The professional sales program offers a curriculum that covers all aspects of professional selling, from relationship building to closing the sale. In addition, the program provides opportunities for students to put their skills to the test through internships and professional sales competitions. As a result, the Center for Professional Sales Excellence is an excellent resource for those interested in pursuing a career in professional sales.

Professional Sales Events

PSE Business Olympics, Industry and Company Sponsored Events

  • Showcase your professional skills in a variety of business-related competitions
  • Establish professional relationships with companies specializing in your career interests
  • Open to all majors

‌Badges and Certifications

Fundraising Influencer

  • Verifiable certification of professional skills
  • Social Influencer training and practice with a crowdsourcing campaign
  • Open to all majors


Join Various Student Organizations

Sales and Marketing

  • American Marketing Association -- connect with fellow marketers, attend a wide variety of professional and social events, get involved in the Cedar Valley community, become a leader, and learn more about today's ever-changing marketing profession. 
  • Pi Sigma Epsilon -- provides a stepping stone from the classroom to the business world through networking opportunities and the development of professional sales and marketing skills
  • American Advertising Federation -- develop and present a creative advertising campaign for a selected client using digital advertising, graphic design, and integrated communications
  • UNI Entrepreneurship Club -- informs, supports, and inspires college students to be entrepreneurial

‌Professional Sales Programs and Workshops

SPIN Selling

  • Put into practice today's winning strategy for achieving success in high- end sales! 
  • The SPIN Selling Workshop trains the method that has revolutionized big-ticket sales in the United States and globally.
  • Includes Individual Diagnostic Exercise, practical planning suggestion, and a provocative questionnaire


  • Practice sessions to prepare you for dealing with challenging selling situations, such as the experience of role plays from the buyer and seller perspective. 
  • Expand pathways to online degree completion opportunities for students located in and around Des Moines.