Graduate Certificate in Global Marketing

Get a competitive edge in the global market

The graduate certificate in Global Marketing is designed for MBA candidates specializing in international business ventures, graduate students enrolled in other programs with an interest in global organizations, or for professionals seeking a stand-alone 

Regardless of local glitches and international squabbles, global trade continues to grow, now representing close to 25% of worldwide economic activity.   Virtually every company – of any size or in any industry—depends on international suppliers, customers, or partners. 

The graduate certificate in global marketing provides business professionals with a broad understanding of global marketing practices and opportunities that will allow them to facilitate business growth across national boundaries.

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According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 95% of exporters are small to medium-sized companies (2022).


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Iowa businesses ship their products to 187 countries, according to Business Roundtable calculated in 2019.


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Global Marketing Graduate Certificate Careers

In this world of ever changing and expanding markets, give yourself the competitive advantage with a Graduate Certificate in global marketing.  Especially when coupled with an MBA, a specialty in global marketing can open doors to such careers as

  • Global Marketing Manager
  • Global Brand Marketing Specialist
  • Director, Global Athlete Marketing
  • Global Media Manager
  • Director of Global Growth
  • Manager of Global Operations
  • Director, Global Partnerships
  • Global Business Development Manager

Global Marketing Graduate Certificate Courses

Course curriculum for the Global Marketing certificate will take your marketing expertise to the next level. You’ll learn how to apply business concepts and implement strategies across international borders.

  • MKTG 5176 Global Marketing
  • MKTG 5178 Global Trade Practices
  • MKTG 6170 Marketing Management

Select two from the following:

  • MGMT 6250 Business Strategy
  • MGMT 5189 International Management
  • ECON 5245 International Economics
  • ECON 5249 Economic Development
  • ECON 5261 International Financial Economics