Business 3000


After completing Business 1000 & 2000, students have the opportunity to continue into two additional levels: Business 3000 & 4000. Business 3000, or Intermediate Professional Skills, is structured like a “topics” course. This gives students flexibility in choosing the topic and delivery format that best fits their professional development needs. 

What does it cover?

The topics of Business 3000 will vary depending on the section you choose to take. We currently offer five versions, with more in development. Not all versions are offered each semester.


Excel Certification

Students self-manage their progress through online modules and practice exams, and will take the Microsoft Office Excel certification exam. Students can choose to take the Associate or Expert level of certification. The pace of completion is up to each individual student. Students are strongly encouraged to have completed MGMT 2080 prior to enrolling in this section. 


Securities Industry Essentials Certification

This section is designed to prepare students for the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam. Students will prepare for and take the SIE exam, the introductory-level FINRA exam for future financial planning industry professionals.


Intercultural Development Planning

This section is designed for students who would like to further develop their Intercultural Awareness. Students in this section will work one-on-one with an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator (QA) to customize their own development and learning.



When should you take it?

Any time after you complete Business 2000, but don't wait until your last semester if you also want to take Business 4000 and complete the entire program.



Why should you take it?

Business 3000 will provide more targeted skill development. Because sessions are smaller and/or targeted toward a specific set of skills, you'll get a more personalized approach to your development.