Business 4000



Business 4000 is the final level of the Professional Readiness Program. Students who complete this level have completed the entire Professional Readiness Program.

What does it cover?

Business 4000 is centered around executive mentoring. Students will attend a few scheduled sessions at the beginning of the semester to learn more about how to utilize a mentor, then will be matched with an alumni mentor. The experience is intended to be flexible to fit your needs, and the mentoring relationship should be driven by you, the student.



When should you take it?

Any time after you complete Business 3000, but ideally during your senior year. Second semester of your junior year at the latest!



What do you get for completing all four levels?

Students who complete all four levels of the PRP (Business 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000) receive a certificate and medallion (which many students wear at commencement) and also receive a co-curricular transcript notation. And of course, the growth and development that comes from four semesters of professional training!