Major Requirements





The program plan requirement sheets below provide a summarized view of the majors, minors, and certificates you can earn in business. If you have questions, do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with an advisor.



Accounting Major >>


Business Analytics

Business Analytics Major >>


Business Communications

Business Communication Minor >>


Business Teaching

Business Teaching Major >>
Expanded Career--Secondary Teacher Licensure >>



Economics Major - Applied Economics Analysis >>
Economics Major - Business Economics >>
Economics Major - General Economics >>
Economics Major - Quantitative Techniques >>
Economics Minor >>



Certificate in Entrepreneurship >>
Entrepreneurship Minor >>



Ethics Minor >>



Finance Major - Financial Management >>
Finance Major - Investments >>
Finance Major - Personal Wealth Management >>
Finance Minor >>
Commercial Banking Certificate >>


General Business Concepts

General Business Concepts Minor >>


Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Major >>


International Business

International Business Minor - Business Major >> 
International Business Minor - Non-Business Major >>
Certificate in International Business, Culture, & Language >>



Business Administration Major >>
Organizational Leadership Major >>
Organizational Leadership Minor >>


Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems Major >>



Advertising and Digital Media Major >>
Marketing Management Major >>
Sales Management Major >>
Marketing Minor >>


Real Estate

Real Estate Major >>
Real Estate Minor - Business Major >> 
Real Estate Minor - Non-Business Major >> 
Certificate in Financial and Real Estate Sales >>


Supply Chain & Operations Management

Supply Chain Management Major>>