Complete your first Professional Skills requirement before you even get on campus!



Register for Business 1000, the first level of the Professional Readiness Program. This section is specially designed for new transfer students to UNI. This year, we’re offering an exclusive opportunity to students from our community college partners to complete this graduation requirement before you even transfer to our campus.

Business 1000 will provide a brief introduction to the college by providing resources for you to answer some of the common questions new transfer students have. This section is held at the start of each semester (fall and spring).

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What will I learn?

You’ll spend the day hearing from alumni and faculty speakers, with sessions tailored to provide specific advice to transfer students. Topics will include:

  • Developing your personal brand and assessing and your communication to show it
  • Assess your paradigm and adjust your habits for increased productivity 
  • Understanding your strengths using the Gallup StrengthsQuest assessment
  • Discussion of the role ethics will play in your decisions as a business professional


Why would you want to complete Business 1000 early?

  • Have one more course completed before arriving at UNI
  • Attend the UNI Career Fair and begin building relationships with recruiters early
  • Get early in-depth information on the majors and programs at UNI


When and where will Business 1000 take place?

Business 1000 for transfer students will take place on a Saturday early in the semester at the University of Northern Iowa campus. 


How do I register?

Contact Elisabeth Soliz ( for more information.