Fly Free Program Acknowledgement and Agreement

Fly Free Program Acknowledgement and Agreement

In order to qualify for the Fly Free Program sponsored by the College of Business, you must be a declared business major and either currently taking or have successfully completed BUSINESS 1000 before funding will be provided. You can utilize the Fly Free Program only once for up to the approved amount if you choose to participate in additional study abroad programs maintained through the UNI Study Abroad Center during your undergraduate education at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI).

In order to receive full benefit of the Fly Free Program, I understand that I must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • I must be a declared business major before funding will be available.
  • I am currently enrolled in or have successfully completed the BUSINESS 1000 course.
  • I must complete and submit the electronic Acknowledgment and Agreement (this document) before the established deadlines: 
    • Winter/Spring Study Abroad Programs: October 31st the fall semester before travel 
    • Summer/Fall Study Abroad Programs: March 31st the spring semester before travel 
  • I will not purchase airfare for any UNI Study Abroad Center program until directed to do so by their office. Once instructed to book airfare, I will be responsible for contacting and booking my airfare through the approved travel agency vendor; I will also be responsible for payment of the airfare. If I am unsure who to contact to book my flight, I will contact the Study Abroad Center at (319) 273-7078 or the Office for Professional Distinction at: 319-273-2144 for further instructions.
  • When booking through the approved travel agency, I will only book airfare through an American Carrier (e.g., American, Delta, United). I understand other carriers will not be financially supported by the College or the Fly Free Program. 
  • When booking through the approved travel agency, I will only book an Economy flight, and I will not purchase insurance at the time of initial booking. If I do, the College of Business will not financially support any of these purchases. I understand I have the option to purchase insurance or upgrade my ticket from Economy after the initial purchase is complete, but these purchases would be my own financial responsibility after the initial booking, and must be done separately through the travel agency. 
  • When these regulations are correctly followed, I understand the College will support the following amounts towards the cost of airfare for the approved Study Abroad experience: 
    • Short-term non-Business College faculty-led programs (e.g., winter or summer) arranged through UNI’s Study Abroad Center: up to $500 
    • Short-term Business College faculty-led programs (e.g., winter or summer) arranged through UNI’s Study Abroad Center: up to $1200
    •  Semester-long (e.g., fall, spring, or summer semester) programs arranged through UNI’s Study Abroad Center: up to $1200
  • If the cost of the airfare is less than the above expressed amounts, the College will cover the entire cost of the Economy airfare through a payment or reimbursement to the student. No excess or additional funds or monies will be awarded to the student beyond this amount.
  • If the cost of the airfare exceeds the above approved amounts, I understand I am responsible for and must pay the entire cost at the time of airfare purchase with the travel agency, including the amount that exceeds the approved amount. If I am not able to pay the balance at the time of booking, I will need to make arrangements with the agency to financially cover the balance for the airfare.
  • Once the airfare is purchased and the approved amount is paid by UNI, should I withdraw from the Study Abroad Program for any reason, I forfeit my ticket and it becomes the property of the university.
  • There are booking fees charged by our partner Travel Agency. If the entire cost of the airfare is at or below the approved amount provided by the college (e.g, $500 or $1200 or less), there is one booking fee and that booking fee is covered by the university. If the ticket exceeds the approved amount covered by the university, there would be an additional booking fee for the second charge, and this additional booking fee must be covered and paid by the student.  
  • If a student would like to make changes to their original itinerary/flights, there may be additional booking fees charged by the travel agency to the student. The university will not cover the additional fees for adjusted/changed itinerary. 


NOTE: If this process is not correctly followed, the cost of airfare will not be reimbursed by the College to the student.

Fly Free Program

By providing my information below, I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions. I understand providing this information is pertinent to the College and travel agency when booking my flights.
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